Tree Removal in the Snow

Tree Removal in the Snow

Yes, despite what people may think trees have to be removed all year around. Even in the snow.

Even it was only a slight snow storm today, branches of an unhealthy tree in a parking lot in Park Slope began to crack. To the point where the property manager had to call a tree removal company like ourselves to check it out.

Brooklyn Tree Company’s tree arborist went to the property immediately. A fallen branch in a full parking lot can cause damage to any walking bar. Or the cars that are parked there. This of course would cost a lot of money for the property owner to fix.

So, instead of a situation like that occurring we were able to get to the property within 30 mins. The owner of our company talked to the property manager. They decided it was best to trim the tree today in case the worst scenario happens.

Although it was snowing, this type of weather does not affect our ability to prune a tree. It may be cold, but unlike lightening or wind, this does not threaten the danger of people or the property.

The Process of Tree Pruning

The process of tree trimming/pruning is the same in the snow or sunshine. Our tree climber uses his spikes and ropes to get to the part of the tree that needs to be trimmed. He then ties the ropes around the area that he is going to make a cut with his chainsaw.

The crew on the ground is ready to pull on the branch the second the cut it made. If not, it could result in the branch swaying out of control. This can cause damage to nearby property. After the big branches are safely and efficiently removed he will make cuts for the smaller branches that can just fall themselves.

Since it is cold, there are very few small branches or twigs on a tree. We only had to make a few cuts to bring the tree back to safe place.

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