Remove A Tree Stump

Stump Grinding in Brooklyn: Remove Tree Stump

Most of our customers don’t know that to remove tree stump is also known as stump grinding. Because the machine used to remove it is called a stump grinder. There are many different types of machines, all of which are very powerful and engine operated. Although you do not need a license to use a stump grinder, if you are not a trained professional it can be a safety hazard. Which is why you should call Brooklyn Tree Company first!

Remove Tree StumpA stump sticking out of the ground is removed for a variety of reasons. If a client is going to re-design their backyard. Or a contractor will be building a house. If you removed a tree and not the stump and roots there is a chance it will grow back. It is important that all of the roots are efficiently removed in order to prevent that.

Our stump grinder blades go a few feet under ground. It pulls the roots up and chops them into small pieces with its blades. A stump grinder can come in all sizes. However, the larger it is the more efficiently it can dig under ground. Small stump grinders are needed when there is limited access tot he backyard.

This happens quite often in Brooklyn. For instance, many brownstones in Park Slope do not have backyard access. The tree has to be removed and brought through the entire house. This makes the removal more tedious and time consuming. In these cases a stump grinder may not even be possible to bring through the home because of the turns and layout. So, what we do is put chemicals on the stump to kill the roots.

Remove Tree Stump in Brooklyn

If you ever have any questions about the health of a tree, call Brooklyn Tree Service. We are experts in removing trees and stumps. Along with treating any type of tree.

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