Best Tree Company

Welcome to the Best Tree Company

Although we are Brooklyn based, we are known as the best tree company in all five boroughs. Tree Removal can be a tedious task, as there are many moving parts. We do not just come in with a saw and hack a tree down. Maybe if the tree was in the middle of one acre with nothing surrounding them we could do that. However, in a busy city like NYC that is not the case. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Almost ever build-able lot in Brooklyn has a home, apartment or commercial property built on it. When a property owner was to remove or trim a tree the chances are our tree company will have to access that property through the home or neighbor. If there is backyard access we will still have to be careful of not damaging neighboring property and the property itself.

Protect Yourself with Company and Workers Compensation

Clients protect themselves from this kind of danger by hiring the Best Tree Company. Because we have both workers compensation and Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Removalcompany insurance we can make sure that the property is protected. For even further protection clients can get an additional insured. This is done 24 to 48 prior to the the project.

The document will have Certificate of Insurance Information, Certificate Holder and Additional Insured. If a client requests this document they will have to pay for it, as our insurance charges us per additional insured. In other trades or industries they can request as many additional insured that they want. However, in our line of trade and the danger it is not free. So if a client does want a property insured it will be added to the total cost of the job. And it must be submitted a few days before it is scheduled to happen. Our insurance broker can not issue the document, rather they have to contact the company. The insurance company will review the information and provide us with a COI.

If you have a question about our insurance please email