Bay Ridge Tree Service

Bay Ridge Tree Service: About Us

Welcome to Bay Ridge Tree Service. We are the number one company in the city. For anyone interested in services in this area, they call us.

Bay Ridge Tree Service provides tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and anything else you may need. This could include treating a sick tree, putting a barrier around a tree so that it can grow in the winter or planting trees. Young trees need to be protected in the winter in order to properly grow.

This is especially important for fruit trees and trees that were just planted. The ‘baby’ trees need to be protected since they are not fully developed. When it begins to snow and reach low temperatures this is crucial.

At Bay Ridge Tree Service we also provide snow removal. Our company is trained for all types of weather conditions, including the snow. Clients call us for both residential and commercial snow removal. Before the winter comes we suggest that clients call us to discuss snow removal bids and packages.

Bay Ridge Tree Service: Why We Love What We Do

The team at Bay Ridge Tree Service enjoys their work. Removing trees in all types of environments is exciting for them. Each day the work load changes and brings new challenges. This allows them to gain new experience and add a bit of knowledge under their belt each day.

We bring a fresh outlook to the industry. With the latest technology and tools we are equipped to handle all types of situations. With our entire staff being born in Brooklyn navigating through the city has become second nature. No matter what area or neighborhood we know it by the back of our palm. The best part is all the relationships we have built.

From elderly couples in Bay Ridge brownstones to hipster pizzerias in Park Slope, our reputation continues to grow. Not only do our clients refer us, we refer them. Whether they own a plumbing company or are interior designers, we never forget to spread their business. And because of our ability to connect with them and build trusting relationships our company has been flourishing.

For more information on our tree services or snow removal, please call 347-833-5862!