Top Brooklyn Tree Service

Top Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to the premiere Top Brooklyn Tree Service company in all of the five boroughs. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, landscaping and tree planting. We offer the best care, service and prices for our surrounding community including Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island. Our team has traveling over 50 miles away to attend to a client that needed our help, so it does not matter about the distance.

Top Brooklyn Tree Service is especially notorious for their 24/7 emergency tree and snow service. We are passionate about the tree service business and helping our clients, which is why we offer an around the clock care for bad weather or just simple emergencies that may occur.  During these kinds of times clients tend to be very edgy and nervous so we have trained our staff to be compassionate and attentive.

The founder of our local tree company is a seasoned veteran of emergency tree service, all of which came from Hurricane Sandy. He spend months and months working with his team and volunteers trying to remove the destruction of fallen trees, debris, plywood and any other material that had been disturbed from the storm.

Top Brooklyn Tree Service

We also are a firm believer in the safety of the community and property. By removing a tree, although it may be healthy, is not something we like to do but we do in order to protect a human life. A leaning or sick tree is more likely to fall over or have tree branches break off, especially if there are strong winds. It is very important to pay attention to the trees on your property and call our Tree Service to give a second look in order to figure out if it needs to be removed.

Real estate agents and property owners are also some of our biggest fans, as they are constantly calling us to help take care of homes they are trying to sell or manage. In order to increase the value of a home most agents/owners will call us before they list and get rid of any trees or plants that are dead and replace them with an updated landscape design.

As spring begins to approach clients are finally ready for their annual spring cleaning. During this time Brooklyn Tree Service is very busy with clients to create a landscape design that will last until the fall. This means replanting flowers, getting rid of weeds, removing dead branches and adding new dirt.

For any questions about our tree or landscaping services, please call 347-833-5862 or send us an email to We would be happy to assist you and look at any photos you send us in order to give you an estimate.