Tree Cutting Service

24 Hour Tree Cutting Service

For all tree cutting service, think of us. Trees grow, like all plants, and from time to time they need to be tended to. Customers mainly call us when a tree has fallen or branches begin to damage property. To avoid cases like this is is important to have a tree arborist look at your tree. Sings of a tree getting ill include branches with no leafs, bug infestation or fungus.

First and foremost we trim trees first for safety. Before we can trim for design we have to make sure that the branches weight is evenly distributed. We also want to make sure that the branches are not in the way of public property or your neighbor. To avoid damaging your own property or worse, your neighbors call us as soon as possible.

How Tree Cutting Works

Our tree cutting service is for trees of any size. Whether it is four stories or 20 feet our team of professionals is ready. For trees that can not be reach from ground level, which is most of them, our tree climber starts at the top. He climbs the tree using ropes and gear to position himself on top. From there he begins to trim all of the dead branches while keeping the weight distributed evenly. If this is not done properly, by an experienced Tree Cutting Service life us, it could eventually fall.

Customer call during the summer time to trim the trees on their property. A lot of the time we work with property managers who handle the landscaping aspect of co-ops or condos. Either way we work with our clients to create the best plan for them. The team at Brooklyn Tree Company will always respect the property and people that live there. Once the job is complete our team will make sure that every sing leaf, branch and piece of tree debris is clean-up.

Unlike other companies the clean-up and travel is not included in the price. Our prices are affordable and fair. If you get a quote that is less than ours we will try to meet it.

For all Tree Cutting Services call 347-833-5862!