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Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Service! We are the most trusted source for all types of tree services. Our team has worked all over Brooklyn and the five boroughs for all of your tree and landscaping needs. We have gained recognition all over the Brooklyn neighborhoods and are looking to expand to Queens and Staten Island.

For the most proficient tree services, call 347-833-682. We provide realistic strategies and answers for all of your tree removal questions. Whether you need to know if a tree must be removed because of illness or simple want to trim a few branches, we are here to help.┬áMost clients will call us during what we like to call their ‘shopping around time’. What this means is that they are calling companies all over the area to see who will offer them the best price – not necessarily the best service. Good for our customers we provide both, and our reviews say it all.

At Brooklyn Tree Service we can climb any tree no matter that height or proximity to power lines. We are fearless and meticulous, making sure that each tree removed is done safely. Our team has seen some of the worst devastation caused by fallen trees. Our team is ready to deal with all types of situations.

Brooklyn Tree Service

Along with tree removal we provide tree trimming and stump removal. Also, property owners can call us to check on the health of the trees on their property as it is the number one reason trees fall. To avoid damage on your property you should call a tree expert if you are unsure of a tree or buy a new home. Because it is so costly to remove a tree and on top of that fix any damage it causes property owners must take this seriously.

During the summer time we spend a lot of our time helping property owners clean-up their property. This includes tree clean-up, tree trimming, shrub trimming and removing any unwanted stumps. People are getting ready to entertain, re-design their landscape or update their home from outside to in. Since the real estate market is finally back up again property owners are trying to increase the value of their home to put on the market.

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