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Brooklyn Tree Company

This is your top-rated choice for a Brooklyn Tree Company, and we have the clients to prove it. Not only will our clients prove it but they will go even farther to show let you know how amazing we are. Most of the people calling us are shopping around for the best price. Fortunately, we provide the most affordable prices for the highest quality of work.

This industry can be competitive which is why we have an edge that most people don’t, personality. Our tree professionals are not only knowledgeable but a personable flair that allows clients to connect with us. When people feel like they are able to easily talk to you and comfortable they are more likely to choose you. At Brooklyn Tree Company we offer any tree service that you can image. This includes tree removal, trimming, pruning and stump removal.

For stump removal it is very important that there is backyard or front yard access, as the machine needed to grind a stop is large. However. if you do not have this kind of access our team will grind your stump by hand which is more expensive and time consuming. Sometimes this may be your only option. Before we turn a tree job down, which is very rare, we make sure that all options are exhausted.

Brooklyn Tree Company

When you callĀ Brooklyn Tree Company, just know there are a few questions that must be answered. We need to know if there is front or backyard access, if it is a city tree and your location. Photos are a great way to get an approximate estimation on price if you need it asap. We don’t prefer givingĀ a price over the phone is not something that we like to do. However, our team will do so in certain instances.

Once the price is set a day will be scheduled that our team will begin the tree removal. Sometimes a job can take a few hours, other times it can be a two or three day job. We will never leave a job uncompleted. After the tree is removed there will be an option to remove the stump at a special price. Tree debris and anything left over will be taken away with one of our trucks. If need be we will also order a container or whatever is needed to finish the clean-up process.

At the end of the day it is important to chose a tree company that you can trust. Clients need to know that the information and pricing they are giving is knowledgeable and truthful. For any questions about Brooklyn Tree Company, please call 347-833-5862 or e-mail